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Finished Work:



Ode to Silver "Ode to Silver" First attempt at peyote stitch up and over the sides of a square shape... click the arrow to see its journey to completion.
Cross in the Window "Cross in the Window" Second in a series. Click the arrow to see how it developed. See Also Cross in the Window (yellow) a different version of the same knotwork pattern.
Trinity "Trinity" click arrow to see its journey.
Four Winds "Four Winds" Click the arrow for description.
Bronzed Beauty "Bronzed Beauty" is one of the molds taken from my sculpted face.
Queen Violet "Queen Violet", the second face pressed from the mold.
Elven Maid "Elven Maid", the first bas relief sculpture and works made from its mold.
Cameo "Cameo", the second bas relief sculpture and related works.

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