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"Cross in the Window"



This is the second in this series. Same clays and colors in the knotwork as for "Ode to Silver", but different choices of beads. I like this one better, both for the bead choice and for the quality of the beadwork. I figured out how to get the beads to snug up to the edge of the clay piece without showing too much thread. It's not perfect, some thread still shows, but it's much improved!

I intend to create a tutorial on how to do the celtic knotwork in clay... no telling when that will happen, so I'll make no promises... ;)


Here I have added the backing and I finished the edge with a pattern of 6 base color beads and 1 contrast bead in order to mark out the pattern for the Picot Lace edging. I was fortunate to have it work out with 2 base color beads at the bottom center. It makes a perfect place to attach a danglie... =)


danglie added picot lace detail danglie detail
A hanging bead is glued to the back and the danglie is on, so now it is ready to be strung on a neclace! Close-up detail of the Picot Lace border. I learned how to make this kind of bead lace from a book: 'Picot Lace' by Sandy Forrington. This is only a VERY simple adaptation of her technique. Close-up detail of danglie. I used all matte beads for this piece and just happened to find this large matte cobalt bead in my stash! I'm going to have to hit the bead store for accent beads on my other matte pieces...


finished piece The finished piece. I did have to visit the bead store to find the additional accent beads... and spent WAY too much! Click the thumbnail to see a larger version.


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