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"Bronzed Beauty"



Bronzed Beauty first stage
This is taken from a mold of a face I sculpted. The face really is prettier than it appears in scans. It is molded from turquoise Primo and dusted (not quite liberally enough) with copper Pearl-Ex.

It's glued to brown velour (using E6000 glue) and ready for beading.


Bronzed Beauty second step
I have done all the beading I can before finishing the edge and back. I found some copper accent beads and used those for the danglies (sort of hair). The scan shows them falling forward because I had to tape the cloth to a shallow box to keep the face off the glass.

I think she looks like an African Queen... =)

Bronzed Beauty
I've had several confirmations that she looks like an African Queen. I like it... =) I had forgotten to seal the copper metalic powder and as I worked with the piece, the finish began to wear off... you can see the missing metalic powder from her nose above. So, I mixed some powder with Translucent Liquid Sculpey, painted it on, and baked it again, beads and all. The result was a more ancient look which seems to suit the piece well.


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