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"Ode to Silver"



Ode to Silver The base of this knotwork is Fimo Soft Metallic Silver. The knotwork is a combination of Premo! Translucent with turquoise and purple mixed until a soft marble is acheived. After gluing to a piece of gray velour, I embroidered a base of large matte beads around the edge. Then I worked peyote on top to come up and over the edges. This example is not so well done as I would have liked... the threads show too much!

The next step is to glue a sheet of stiff plastic to the back in order to support the beadwork, then a backing of more gray velour.

Finally, I will add a finishing row of beads to bind the edge of the fabric. I may add some danglies with more interesting beads, then finish as either a necklace or a pin.


step 2 of Ode to Silver I've added the backing and the final row of finishing beads. I haven't yet decided if I want a danglie... still thinking about it.
hanging bead I decided to back it with black velour. Then I made my own hanging bead for the back using a mold of an old button accented with silver pulver (fimo metalic powder).
Ode to Silver Here is the finished peice. I lost patience with it and decided not to add anything but the beaded necklace.

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this page last updated July 15, 2001.