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"Elven Maid"



Bas Relief Elf The original elf is scupted in Premo clay which was a mixture of scraps... making a nice dull shade of mauve. The color doesn't matter because after I baked the original, I made a mold from more scrap Primo clay. I used a dental tool for most of the sculpting. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version with more detail.
Blue Elven Maid This piece began with Primo Turquoise Blue clay pressed into the mold, dusted with blue pulver and highlighted with silver pulver. It is finished with a coat of water-based Diamond Flecto Verathane. I kept the turquoise theme with the beads, adding a crown of twined branches to her head. The triple strand of beads for the necklace finishes it off nicely, I think.
Golden Elven Maid This pin started with brown clay dusted with Pearl-Ex "Interference Gold" powder, also highlighted with silver pulver and finished with water-based Diamond Flecto Verathane. I used warm silver and cream beads including a few nice accent beads for the edge.
Lavender Elven Maid Lastly, I made this pin with lavender clay (custom mixed) dusted with Pearl-Ex "Interference Violet", and accented with different glitters adhered with TLS. Instead of highlighting this time, I antiqued with a steel blue acrylic paint, then finished again with the Diamond Flecto. I tried a different beading pattern which I made up as I went along... the process reminded me a lot of a crocheted edge: making loops, then joining the loops at the top with a picot edge. In fact, I may try incorporating thread crochet with one of these clay pieces sometime... =)


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