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How to Use Basic Editor
  1. First, make sure you are already logged into your Yahoo Id then: Go to File Manager by clicking on this link with your RIGHT mouse button (or click and hold if you are using a Mac), choose "Open In New Window" then resize both the window with this instruction page and the window with File manager. You now have two windows open at the same time and can easily go from one to the other. Or, you can print out these instructions and use them as you work in the Editor...=)

  2. log in with your membername and password. UPDATED: you should already be logged in!

  3. check off (select) the "index.html" file listed in your directory. (it's the one that says you havn't moved in yet, and will be overwritten when you save the work that follows)

  4. Next to the words "Edit using:" there is a pull-down menu: choose "Basic HTML Editor"

  5. Click on "Edit" [If you don't find an "index.html" file, you will need to create one by clicking on the "New" button instead of "Edit"]

  6. Now you will see a form that you can fill out with the information and design you want on your page.

  7. Skip the first little box if you don't know how to use any HTML yet.

  8. Choose from the pull-down menus the colors of background, text, unvisited links, and visited links. Make sure these choices are all different colors so that your text doesn't disappear into the background.

  9. choose an icon for the top of your page from a list by following the link to make your choice and then using your "Back" button to return to the Editor. Put the number of your choice in the box, or leave it blank.

  10. Page Title (this doesn't show except at the very top of the browser when someone visits your page, but is still necessary)

  11. Write the titles you want displayed on your page in the next two boxes provided. NOTE!: if you are reopening a page that was made with Basic HTML Editor, you may not see your titles displayed in the boxes. Most likely they are still there, but you can click on "Preview" to check. If the titles show, you don't need to retype them.

  12. Choose a Separator (same procedure as icon), you may also leave this at the default "no_line_selected".

  13. In the Body Text write the text you want on your page...(you will have to highlight and delete the "membername has not moved in yet" first)...this text will be shown as a single paragraph with no blank lines (unless you learn how to use the Pragraph and Line Break tags). There will also be a pre-coded GeoGuide, I recommend you leave this there, as posting a GeoGuide will prevent the pop-up ads from appearing when visitors load your page. NOTE: the GeoGuide will not show in preview, you must take an extra step after you finish creating your page, by clicking on the "GeoGuide Manager" button in your File Manager, to set up and activate your GeoGuide.

  14. Another Separator.

  15. links.....type in everything that comes after http:// of the links you want to share with your viewers

  16. Another Separator.

  17. In the Footer Text more text can be added here.

  18. If you check off "Include E-mail Address on Page", it will display your secondary address. (the one you used to register your site with).

  19. Last Separator

  20. click on "Preview" to see what it looks like. (but links will not work in Preview)

  21. if you like what you see, click on "Save" OR if you need to make changes, just scroll down and make the changes you need, then click "Preview" again, and then hit "Save".

  22. You are now moved in and ready to take the time to learn HTML to improve your page later!
See my Computer Stuff page for links to places on the web where you can learn how to use HTML.

And also:

Last updated: October 22, 2002.