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How To Edit Files Off-Line

Using Win95 and Notepad

  1. First, using Windows Explorer create a new folder to keep all your files which will be in your GeoCities directory (including any image/sound/etc. files, as well as any subdirectories).

  2. click on Start, choose Programs then Accessories then Notepad.

  3. Type your code and page contents into the untitled Notepad file, then click on File and choose Save As. Name your file with .html as the extention. Find the folder you created on your hard drive to keep your HTML files in, then hit Save and keep the Notepad file open.

  4. Now open your browser program (either Netscape or Explorer will work for this). If you are prompted to connect to your server, click cancel, then click the Stop button of the browser. If you are using a version 4 or later browser, you should be able to choose to work "offline" and avoid any further attempts by your browser to connect with a modem.

  5. In your browser, click File, then choose Open File. Find the file you just saved on your hard drive and double-click on it. This will open the file in the browser and allow you to view your document as it will appear on the web (except for the GeoGuide or GeoCities logo, because these aren't on your hard drive)

  6. If you need to make changes, use the Win95 navigation buttons on the task bar to go back to Notepad and enter your changes into the code, click File and choose Save.

  7. Now go back to your browser and hit the Reload button (or Refresh in Explorer) to see how the changes will appear.

  8. When you are satisfied with the results, save one last time and close the Notepad file.

  9. Connect to your server and go to File Manager. Scroll down to the EZ File Upload (if you are using Netscape) and upload all the files in the folder.
To Edit pre-existing HTML files, open Notepad and click on File, choose Open. Find the file you want to edit and double click on it. Then open your browser program as described above and open the same file in the browser. The procedure for changes is the same as numbers 6-9 above.

This page last updated October 22, 2002.