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The Sanctuary
The Hall is dark, diffusely lit from somewhere unknown. I do not recognize the walls or passages, as if somehow altered from that of my memory. Dark doorways loom and pass. Where is it?

There used to be light and warmth, but now there is a chill on my cheek as my feet plod, thudding on the thickly dusted floor.

I can't find it. Somewhere in this abandoned maze is the room I seek. Somewhere the One I love is waiting, sad but patient.

All the hinges and locks are rusted and loudly groan their protest as I try to enter. Each room is empty but for a few mouldering, cob-webbed things, useless now.

Dispair clutches hungrily at my feet, trying to grab hold and stumble me. If only there was something I could use to break its treacherous grip.

A door at the end of the hall is limnned in pale light, and even that feeble flicker shows my drab surroundings. Dust, rust and webbing drape decrepit walls, yet this door has somehow remained clean.

Suddenly, hope leaps within as I see the key still in the lock and turn it, hand trembling with expectation. Silently the door swings wide while bright, soft light bathes me. For a moment I am dazzled. So beautiful...I had forgotten.

Yes! I know this place, every table, chair, book, window and picture, though faint in my memory, was now alive with light, color and warmth. Over here the book where I left it, still marked at my place, here the painting half done and dry on the easel, as if I'd never left.

But I had, so long ago. Would my Love still be there?

With tentative steps I reach the inner room. I am afraid for a moment that I might find it empty, like all the other rooms until I suddenly notice that Dispair no longer clutches at my heel.

With confidence now, I turn the latch, for in here is the One I love.....

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