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The One Party

The line to The One 
Party goes around the block!

Sunday, March 24th, 2002


We stood in line for quite a while. There was some kind of slow down in admitting people. When we got the the front of the line we learned that the place was so full they had to mete out newcomers a few at a time so they could get their "Goodie Baggins" of stuff and get up the stairs.


Some dear person agreed to take this picture of me and my husband! Thank you whoever you were, we would not otherwise have had a record of how elegant we looked... ;) I am wearing my cape with my Lothlorien Leaf Brooch and a formal dress (mostly off camera) of midnight blue. Jeff is actually wearing his suit and tie! ::gasp!:: Jeff and Me

Sauron's Truss and Lovely Lady

Looking very serious while the Oscars are being broadcast are a fellow Fan Club member known as Sauron's Truss and his Lovely Lady. They looked so cute together, I just had to take a picture!
During the course of the evening, I was interviewed by a person of the Press for an article about fans of the Lord of the Rings. I don't remember who she was or what publication she was writing for, but it was interesting being interviewed!

At one point, I went round and snapped a few shots of great costumes. Take a peek:


Celtic Print This lovely robe was in the press ahead of me while trying to view Ian McKellen at the front of the room. So I only got a shot of the back and never did get to speak to her. Mother and Daughter I met this Mother (right) and her daughter (left) while foraging for food.
Tolkien Society Member
Jeff and I were taking a break outside when I met this nice person from the Tolkien Society. Her cloak clasp is a lovely fillagree - click to see a larger image.
Elven Lasses
These two were in line waiting for some kind of interview concerning costumes... I was also waiting but when nothing seemed to be happening, I went outside for some cooler air.
Sunday, March 24th, 2002 - Continued


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